As humans interacting within our family, social, school, work environment, we have learned to hold on to our emotions and not allow them to be expressed as we would wish or need.

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Bioresonance therapy is a biophysical treatment method that works with the patient's own electromagnetic fluctuation spectrum.

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Scenar Therapy is a revolutionary therapeutic medical modality that utilizes computer-modulated interactive electro-stimulation to prompt the body to heal itself.

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We all have a story- My story

I wanted to share my life story here for whom ever was interested to learn more about me. Everyone has a story, everyone has been thrown a curve ball in life and the way we rebalance is the key.

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What they say about me after their therapy

Our bodies never lie to us. Every time I leave from my therapies with Nada, my body thanks me for unblocking it and helping it breathe more deeply and allowing more oxygen in. This is one way for it to make room for something new. The therapies that I have done with Nada are milestones in my personal evolution. I thank her again and I trust her as she is honest and true. D, 50
D, 50
During the therapy I did not feel a lot of things, a bit of tingling in my feet, abit of tension in my stomach.....a few questions from Nada....short answers from me. When I finished the therapy I felt very calm. I did not understand what had happened, until a few months later....Then I realised that I had changed, I had done new steps that were directly related with the therapy that I had done!!! As, on an unconscious level, the few months after the therapy I had worked on the subject that were worked on in the therapy. A, 55
A, 55