Emotion Therapy

Emotional Therapy


"L'étiomédecine est un outil théorique et thérapeutique qui recherche l'origine des maladies et les traite. " Dr J-L Brinette

'Etiomedicine is a theoretical and therapeutical tool that allows us to find the origin of dis-ease and treats it. "Dr J-L Brinette

Etiomedicine was created by a French doctor, Dr Brinette, who was a pathologist who could not understand why people with the same dis-ease were treated in the same way and some were healed and others not. Through his research he saw that the key to healing are the blocked emotions. It is widely used in French speaking countries.  I have done my training with the famous Dr Michel Dejean, (Kinesiologist, Osteopath) in France in 2007.

Etiomedicine treats:

  •  Stress, fear, anxiety, panic attack
  • Depression, guilt, grief, jealousy
  • Procrastination, loneliness, worry
  • Insecurity, low self-esteem, not being able to say no
  • Sexual and relationship problems
  • Eating and sleeping disorders
  • Anger, resentment, bitterness, rancor, hurt
  • Chronic pain and many other physical issues
  • Unable to switch mind off, over analyzing
  • All established diseases
  • People who are searching for a meaning or a purpose in their life, feeling lost
  • Forgiveness on a cellular level
  • Inner judgment, blame, fed up with things and yet not knowing how to change
  • An uneasiness due to a difficult period in their life (divorce, work, loss)

As humans interacting within our family, social, school, work environment, we have learned to hold on to our emotions and not allow them to be expressed as we would wish or need. These are defense mechanisms in order to protect ourselves and to help us cope. The memories of these painful experiences are stored in every cell in our body, holding all this information affects who we are and how we react.  This cellular memory retains information on all levels of our being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

 When we  go through a traumatic experience, big or small, our body suppresses the overwhelming situation by storing it  in our cells: every cell in our body has the ability to remember  However, sometimes these memories are never released as they are just too painful and one does not have access to them. These deeper seated emotions in the unconscious are wounds in our very core.  As these emotions have been ignored for so long they start to create signals from the body like aches and pains, accidents, skin issues, asthma, depression sicknesses big or small in order to pay attention to them and bring them to the surface and give them the recognition they deserve.

When you hold onto these negative memories or emotions you can continually trigger off your condition. Sometimes many of these memories seem trivial to us now but at the time felt overwhelming and so your body held on to them. You can carry these memories with you for your entire lifetime.

Each time you experience the same negative emotions your cellular memory is activated and the new energy resonates with the old and builds on it. For example you may be holding onto negative memories that go right back to when you were a child. Perhaps you nearly drowned and you have forgotten about this but cannot understand why you suffer such anxiety near water.

Etiomedicine can access this information by tapping into the unconscious mind and changing your cellular memory from a negative, painful experience into a simple, neutral one. and not only will you learn what this information is but the unwanted negative data will be released  on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

 Sometimes you think you know why your body has manifested an affliction (this is the conscious mind's analysis) only to find out that your cells remember something completely different.

In the treatment, the client lies down and the therapist has his hand on the pulse of the left wrist and follows the VAS (Vascular Autonomic System). The therapist is there as a support at the service of your body. You feel the emotion rising and the body stressed, then a physical release and a sense of peace and lightness as the cellular memory is cleared. To release these negative emotions from your cells the memory needs to be cleared down to the 'root' cause, the original cause that has affected your reaction subsequently. If the cellular memory is not changed, your body will reproduce itself in the same form and shape and disease will not be eradicated. When your cellular memory is released it can both heal and awaken dormant abilities and knowledge. It can be the source behind most of your problems not just your health.

I would be honored to help you on your journey.