ASYRA PRO- Bioresonance Machine

More than 70 percent of patients who visit their doctor with a variety of symptoms are told that there is nothing wrong with them after undergoing a range of tests. This can be very frustrating for the patient because they “know” something is not right.  Usually, a drug will be prescribed to help reduce the symptoms but this will not address the underlying cause.

Studies by NASA have shown that energy levels in the body go wrong long before an illness manifests itself or abnormalities show on medical tests. Therefore, bioresonance testing is able to detect imbalances within the body at the grassroot level, allowing an underlying cause to be identified and treated at the earliest possible stage. This means that a more serious condition may be prevented from developing, altogether. This is preventative medicine.

Even if a disease or condition has been established through medical tests, bioresonance testing can still help to identify what may be the root cause. By providing the body with what it needs to address that cause or imbalance, the natural healing process has a chance to work. This may include increasing nutrient intake to correct deficiencies, dealing with food sensitivities and all types of allergies, or eliminating toxins and parasites.

In the first consultation, a comprehensive screening of the body is done and then other tests are made to get a complete picture of the needs of the patient. A follow-up consultation will be advised, depending on the length of time the remedy is recommended, which could range from three to six weeks. It is normal to take at least three consultations to help the body return to a more balanced state but this will depend on the severity of your health issues.

What the ASYRA can test:

  • Energetic assessment of over 40 major organs in the body
  • Food intolerance and sensitivities
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Digestive disorders
  • Hormone profiles
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Emotional stressors
  • Environmental allergens
  • Vertebral / muscular / skeletal profile
  • Dental stressors
  • Fungal, bacterial, viral and parasite influences

The Asyra Pro may help:

● Addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol)
● Allergies
● Anxiety
● Asthma
● Autism
● Candida
● Depression
● Digestive Disorders
● Eczema
● Fatigue
● Food Intolerances
● Hay Fever
● Headaches
● Hyperactivity
● Infertility
● IBS/Crohn
● Migraine
● M.E./ Fibromyalgia
● Nutrient Deficiencies
● Poor Immune Function
● Psoriasis
● Skin problems
● Sleep Disorders
● Stress
● Thyroid Issues
● Toxic Overload
● Weight Problems
● And much more

There are many bioresonance testing devices in existence but we believe none are as scientifically advanced as the Asyra Pro. Originally developed by NASA space scientists, this non-invasive medical device not only detects imbalances within the body but it also takes it one step further by taking the vibrational signature of each of the remedies stored in it and testing them against dysfunction and choose which ones today create balance in the patient. The remedy will regulate, restore and rebalance the patient. The remedy the Asyra creates, just for you, makes sure all the components are harmonized between them otherwise it will go back to the repertory and reevaluate its choice. Every balancing item is in resonance with the patient and each other and at the right dosage.

If you take medications or supplements, you may wish to bring them along and have them tested to see if they are helping you or affecting you adversely. It is possible that you may be taking a supplement that is unsuitable for your nutritional needs or you may find that the dose you are taking is too low or too high to be of benefit. So you know not to waste your money on supplements that are not offering you anything. The Asyra has a testing plate which scans each item against the body.