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My life was all set. I was going to have it all. I had a career that I enjoyed, I got married to a man I loved in 1992, I had my first son in 1994, and everything was going as planned. Then, I had my second son in October 1996, who was born prematurely.

The prognosis of Cerebral Palsy was pretty grim: my son had little chance of ever walking and using his hands. Thankfully, he had no learning or mental impairment just the physical disability. So I decided to close my company, to resign from the family business and to dedicate myself to my son.

I had not known then that it was a precious gift in disguise, that would prompt me to take an extraordinary journey with him. Thus, I embarked on a personal quest: I wanted to lead a different life, a life with meaning, and a life of giving to whoever needed support in their life journey.

At this point, I felt the call to support and assist people who are in search of answers to their emotional and health issues, to understand their defense mechanism and the emotional challenges they are facing.

In the beginning, I had families with children with Cerebral Palsy, who needed support and guidance not from an expert but from someone who had walked the path. Then, I moved to healing the soul, the essence of the human being, and then learned to handle health issues both physical and mental.

Part of my journey, was to see the power of healing the soul by seeing the transformation in my son and in myself. And I wanted to learn a healing technique that would genuinely shift people on a soul level. I had an opportunity to study a healing method called Etiomedicine with Dr Michel Dejean and Dr Arnaud Dejean in France that works on the unconscious level by releasing emotions that have been stored in the body. These negative emotions eventually always rise up to the surface through a symptom or a disease or just a malaise. The personal change is felt immediately and permanently. I am a qualified practitioner and have been practicing this for 12 years now.

Listening to hundreds of people around me describe the health challenges they were facing and their frustration with the lack of adequate support from the health establishment led me to explore more holistic forms of health in the physical body. Consequently, I decided to develop my commitment to holistic health by studying Anatomy, Pathology, and pursuing practitioner courses in Homeopathy, and micronutrient supplementation in the US, UK and France.

In the past four years, I have done an extensive training in the UK as an Asyra Practitioner and I have done the most advanced course under the auspices of Dr Nyelin Castleton and continue to use the newest generation Bioresonnance machine Asyra in my own practice in Greece.

These two methods complement each other in order to treat a person holistically on all levels.